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December 30 2008

Oh, flow I think I love you.

December 25 2008

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Fake farts are leading in the App Store?!  What a sad, sad day.
Merry Christmas

December 24 2008

...we are glad to release the iPhone Starter Kit, a set that comes with several button elements as well as six different iPhone interface options. This pack may be useful for mobile developers and front-end designers who need a professional way to show mock-ups to clients or to work out ideas. This set was designed by Renee Rist especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.
iPhone PSD Vector Kit | Freebies | Smashing Magazine

December 23 2008

Thanks bro - thought you'd dig that one.

December 17 2008

A tribute to Randy Newman | Attribution to Paul and Storm
★ Good things come in threes: Musketeers, Amigos, Stooges and Yada’s ★
The Bionic Genius Roundtable
Read-only data will be available until at least January 1, 2009.
Pownce Read-only Archive
Going to get SiteSucker and download my Pownce site.
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Finally. It only took 4 calls over 4 days with only 2 Issue #'s. Jerry at Time Warner Cable finally pushed the right buttons and pulled the right levers to get the tubes pointed to my picture box.

December 16 2008

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Ham Spam.  The end is near.
This is for all those people that find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than google it for themselves.
Let me google that for you

December 12 2008

December 11 2008

Well, that 'react only appears on 'my friends' list, not on my list.  Also, in firefox/MAC, the text box appears behind the list. Sighhh.
Reposted fromcreativecomponent creativecomponent

December 06 2008

December 04 2008

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!cool says: Pownce screenshot meme. Take a screenshot of your Pownce home page and post it on Pownce. If you're on Flickr also share it with the Powncer Pictures group at http://flickr.com/groups/powncers/

November 18 2008

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Looks like uploading is going to be pain full here at the public free wifi. Ooof. My battery will not make last through a 2 hour session... probably gunna have to go into Cosi and score some coffee and power.
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Off the Interwebz for quite awhile now... it's harder than I thought actually trying to use an iPhone + Edge for the web. Sure peeping a photo here and there... running a web search... stuff like that is fine.

Anyway, very happy to have found a nice shopping area with snappy music and free wifi. I love you Bel Villaggio.

November 17 2008

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Pool Night.
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